Providing tools, resources and financial aid to assist in all levels of education.

Services: Provide referrals to tutoring programs, assistance with financial aid applications, assistance with school books, computers and school supplies, financial aid workshops, special education workshops, scholarships and other available resources within the community.

Education opens doors and makes dreams become a reality
The Randal D. Simmons Outreach Foundation believes that every student deserves an opportunity to  pursue their dreams and goals regardless of their race, creed, color or financial household status.  We provide resources, tools and financial assistance to students who live in underserved areas of Los Angeles County who have a financial hardship. Our goal is to help level the playing field and give each student an equal opportunity to reach their dreams, explore their intellectual potential, discover their creative talents and thrive in life.

Our Signature Program
In an attempt to encourage and empower our youth, The Randal D. Simmons Outreach Foundation host an academically enriching mentoring program called Each One Teach One.  This is an interactive program designed to give students a chance to have discussions with their mentor(s) who are college students and career professionals.  Through interactive discussions and hands on demonstrations, students are able to learn more about their academic and career goals. The program also allows students to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds giving them the opportunity to discuss social issues that impact the millennial culture.   This creates an innovative, creative and amazing intellectual environment to learn and create lifelong relationships.

Our Scholarship Fund
Every year The Randal D. Simmons Outreach Foundation seeks to give scholarships to eligible high school students who have been accepted into four year colleges/universities, junior college or trade schools, and who have demonstrated a willingness to serve in community outreach or volunteer programs.

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