Our Foundation Team

Our Foundation Team

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Thank you for visiting the Randal D. Simmons Outreach Foundation website. Each page will give you a glimpse  of all the wonderful things that our foundation has done and will continue to do in the community to honor Officer Randy Simmons charitable legacy. The Randal D. Simmons Outreach Foundation's goal is to continue to meet the needs of at-risk youth and families who require assistance in the following four categories: Quality of Life, Education, Health & Wellness and Global Outreach. The fruits of our labor of love have been very rewarding. We have exceeded our own expectations in each of these categories and will continue to strive to help improve and enrich the lives of others.  As a result of our programs and activities, we have touched many lives. We have clothed the homeless, helped students fulfill their dreams through our Each One Teach One mentoring program and the distribution of scholarships. We have cared for the sick and shut-in by providing financial resources for medical aid.  We have also extended a helping hand to those communities near and far who have been affected by natural disasters. Most of all we have given people hope through LOVE. Love is The Randal D. Simmons special ingredient that binds us together and enables us to be effective with outreach. It is our hope that you will partner with us by supporting our fundraising efforts and through your generous donations and prayers We thank you for your gift of love, willingness to support and heart of compassion.

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